Our Story

StockAbility™ was created to be different from other financial education companies. To make trading and investing education accessible and affordable. To create a simplified curriculum to support learning. To make financial education mainstream.

StockAbility™ is rooted in the strong belief that everyone can take control and become financially independent by learning to trade and invest the right way. From stocks, forex, futures, and options, to day-trading or long-term investing.

 Empowering people to make a change 

Life is messy. Often, we end up on a different path than planned. Every one of us is on our own journey, but we all have the power to take back control of our finances and start building the life we want. To start living life on our terms. Our goal is to empower you to do this.

Meet The Founders Of StockAbility™

The three founding partners, Daniel, Sam, and Vincent came together because they share the same purpose. To change lives, one person at a time through the delivery of exceptional, accessible, and straightforward, trading and investing education.

Vincent Sica III

  • Co-Founder
  • Visionary of StockAbility™

Vincent is the visionary behind StockAbility™. His passion for building the company was born from learning to trade under Dan and seeing Dan’s other students’ success. Vincent, a Navy veteran who served during the Gulf War, has spent over 25 years building businesses from the ground up in both tech and real estate.

He spent most of his time in an office or traveling for business. When he became a single dad, raising his three children on his own, he wanted to make some changes. He cut back from being away from home and looked for other opportunities that he could fit around his family life.

He turned to trading and investing, but the course was expensive, complicated, time-consuming, and had no ongoing support. Not one to give up, he found Daniel, whose approach was not only simple but also yielded results. He was able to spend lots more time focusing on raising his children and replace the lost income from staying nearer to home.

Vincent believes that financial education has a powerful ripple effect. By changing an individual’s financial situation, you benefit their family and, ultimately, society. He decided that trading and investing education had to become more accessible to everyone, and that’s when he brought together Daniel and Sam and created StockAbility™.

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Daniel X. Bustamante

  • Co-Founder and Lead Coach
  • Former Institutional Portfolio Manager

Before he even finished college, Daniel was working on Charles Schwab’s active trade desk, one of the company’s youngest-ever hires for such a position. From there, he got headhunted by a succession of private investment firms. By age 29, he was a Portfolio Manager at a Long/Short hedge fund, and building an industry-wide reputation for his ability to spot short-driven trends.

Something was lacking but he didn’t know what until he taught a friend his simplified trading system that he’d developed over the years. He loved being a coach, and his friend loved the results. Word of mouth spread, and so he founded LandShark Education. Over the course of seven years, he taught thousands of students how to navigate the markets and find their own path to trading and investing.

Daniel is passionate about helping others see the benefits of learning to trade and invest. He has been blessed to live life on his terms and he wants that for everyone else. When Vincent said he wanted to help spread the word, he was in. He knew they needed someone else if they really wanted to grow quickly, and he knew just the person, Sam.

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Sam Evans

  • Co-Founder and CEO
  • Taught over 50,000 students

Sam had a successful career in the media and was the producer of London’s biggest breakfast radio show. When most of his team were made redundant, he decided that he no longer wanted his future to be in the hands of others. He wanted to call the shots on his career, so he enrolled in a course with Online Trading Academy.

Fifteen years later, Sam is one of the financial education industry’s most accomplished coaches. At Online Trading Academy, Sam progressed from student to instructor quickly. He co-developed an industry-leading curriculum, pioneered live trading and education webinars, and taught over 50,000 students. Equal parts motivator and teacher, his engaging and straightforward teaching style has earned him numerous awards. He was also awarded an EB-1 Green Card for his teaching expertise in the field.

Over the years, he has seen financial education become more complicated, time-consuming, and expensive, and entirely out of step with his own simple approach. He no longer felt that he was helping students the right way. That they didn’t have to spend so much time and money learning to trade and invest. He connected with Vincent and Daniel over a shared dream of making financial education accessible to more people.

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Meet the Rest Of Our Team

Ryan Watkins

Lead Coach

Ryan started investing at the age of eighteen. During the mid and late 1990s, his account grew far more than his biggest expectations due to the explosive bull market and he decided to commit himself fully to this trading profession. He spent a lot of money, effort, and time learning how to trade and invest. He joined one of the largest proprietary trading floors in the US during 1999 & 2000, learning the details of trading as well as the emotional and psychological aspects of trading.

Ryan knows too well the dangers of a lack of experience, knowledge, and discipline. Early on in his career he lost most of his investment gains and wiped out 90% of his day trading account. This drove him to learn how to stop that from happening again and to teach others the same.

Since then he has taught tens of thousands of traders and investors and won several industry awards for his method of instruction. He was also contracted by the leading trading educational company of that time, Online Trading Academy, to develop several of their courses for them.

He joined StockAbility™ because he truly believes in their mission of making trading and investing education accessible and affordable. To put the student, our students, at the center of the experience.


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Brian Dumaresq

Brian Dumaresq

Student Momentum Coach

Brian’s trading knowledge is up there with the best. He graduated with a degree in economics from West Chester University and immediately began his career on Wall Street trading internationally and obtained his series 7, 55, 56, and 63 licenses. He worked for DLJ on the institutional trading desk as a position trading assistant. He was headhunted by Bear Stearns and quickly rose through the ranks. He moved from a phone clerk to a floor broker (Member of the NYSE) to Managing Director. After his career at Bear Stearns, he began trading independently and eventually joined Online Trading Academy.

Brian joined StockAbility™ because he is passionate about helping others learn to trade and invest the right way. His deep understanding of the markets, uncomplicated teaching style, and approachable demeanor make Brian the perfect person to help our students. His work starts from the beginning, helping our students choose the best path for them but doesn’t stop there. He is on hand to keep our students motivated and on track. In fact, he loves students asking him questions!

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Rosi Mason

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Rosi is the glue that holds everything together.  She brings her years of experience to the team, both in operations and in financial education, as well as her New York can-do attitude. She works closely with Suzy and is always on hand to help our students. Behind the scenes she works to continually improve our processes so, everything runs seamlessly.

Rosi joined StockAbility™  for several reasons. As a single Mom, raising her son is her number one priority. She loves that StockAbility’s ethos extends to its team and enables her to work from home and blend with her home-life. She has freedom but is still part of a caring, engaging team. She is also what you’d call a people person, so connecting with our students and helping them create the life they want is a complete win for her.

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Graham Spruce

Graham Spruce

Guided Trade Session Coach

A friend introduced Graham to the world of trading. He was in his mid-thirties and settled in his career, so doing something else seemed pretty daunting.  However, the thought of working from home and choosing his own hours was enough to make him throw himself into something new.  Something that he felt challenged him and gave him back the thing we all want more of, time!

10 years on as a trader, he’s still passionate about it. When he’s not at the screens, he’s at the CrossFit box. For Graham, exercise and trading go hand in hand as he’s pushed both physically and mentally, giving him the perfect balance.

Why StockAbility™? Sam Evans was his first-ever  Futures instructor way back when and straight off the bat he loved his teaching and training style. He loves the ethos and education of StockAbility and so it was the perfect fit for him.

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Giovanni Bejarano

Student Ambassador

Giovanni is a working actor living in Los Angeles.  He started day trading in 2013. He studied with another trading education company but they did not provide him with the knowledge and understanding he needed to be truly consistent and successful in the markets.  Giovanni joined StockAbility™ as a Founding Friend and within three months he began to see consistency and profits in his trading, with 86% closed winning days to losing days.

Giovanni’s success inspired him to passionately spread the word about StockAbility. Prospective students often seek Giovanni out on Twitter to ask him about his experiences, both as a student of StockAbility™, and having been through education with another company.

In March 2021, the team created the role of Student Ambassador for Giovanni to reflect the passion he has for what we teach here at StockAbility™ and his immense desire to help others become consistent from trading and investing for themselves.



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Jim Katerakis

Chief Financial Officer

Jim may have the mind of an accountant, but he’s a teacher at heart. As a CPA, Jim built his career with a Big 4 accounting firm, where he did public accounting for 15 years. He transitioned to real estate, serving as CFO for several large companies before starting his own accounting firm. Around that time, Jim felt a call to the podium. He began teaching as an adjunct professor — first at The Ohio State University then at Miami University of Ohio — where he found a passion for helping students find success both in the classroom, and then on into the professional world.

He was drawn to StockAbility™ because he loves to help others. While he isn’t delivering the education, he finds ways to empower our students through the finance program that he has put in place.

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Alexander Perna

Trading & Investing Coach

Alexander got his start as a student of a prominent trading academy early in 2008.  Working closely with an impressive array of trading professionals from floor and screen traders to trading psychologists gave him invaluable insight as he honed his skills as a trader and educator.  This coupled with his own experiences made him realize that trading requires much more than technical analysis.  It requires a special set of mental skills and a specialized support network for traders as they go through their own trials and tribulations.

By 2014, Alexander had gained popularity as a support coach for the success both novice and advanced traders were achieving while working with him.  Since then he has been contracted to speak all around the US and the world for his ability to convey difficult trading and investing ideas while putting them into action in live trading environments.   He has won several awards for his simple, easy-to-understand approach to trading while emphasizing performance-tested trading principles. 

 Now Alexander comes to StockAbility™ with over a decade of trading and trader development experience.  He said he aligns with StockAbility’s story and when asked to come on board he didn’t think twice. “What really draws me to StockAbility™ is the authenticity of the founders and team.”

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Robert DiNapoli

Student Consultant

For the last few years, Robert has traveled the world (he has flown more than one million miles) counseling traders and investors in various markets and communities. One key observation he found was that traders are alike no matter where they call home. Traders will question themselves, traders will get nervous, in general traders are human and they need a community to help keep them focused and on target.

Robert joined StockAbility™ for a number of reasons. He has a real desire to help people achieve financial freedom. As a single dad of three, trading gives him the flexibility and work/life balance he needs, and he loves to help others find that. He also loves that StockAbility™ created the Live Coaching Community and that students can get help in real-time. The whole team finds his passion for trading and investing contagious as do our students and those who call us up. In fact, so contagious is his passion that even his kids ask him about the markets!

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Samantha 'Goose' Evans

Chief Marketing Officer

Goose believes that with the right mindset, there is no limit to a person’s potential. Raised in one of England’s most deprived districts, she did not let this impact her dreams.  She secured a job in the marketing department of Thomson Reuters, where she worked her way up to Marketing Manager. She stayed with the company for 14 years, before striking out on her own. Since then, she has launched two of her own businesses, and headed the UK franchise of Online Trading Academy. She also runs her own small property portfolio.

Like the rest of the founding team, StockAbility™ is a passion project. She believes that everyone deserves to be financially free. That life is too short and precious to be burdened with worrying about financial security. She believes that everyone, no matter what their path has been, can live the life they want.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where everyone has the ability to be financially independent, secure and live the life they want. We aim to do this by empowering them to take back control of their own finances by teaching them to trade and invest for themselves.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make trading and investing education accessible and affordable. To deliver a high quality, thought-driven, customer-centric learning experience. To give our students the trading and investing skills needed to succeed.

What Makes StockAbility™ Different?

Flexible Schedule

We offer courses in both live, online and on-demand formats. We believe smart investing should be time efficient, fit into your schedule and learned at your pace. The goal is to have more time for you after all, not less.

Fair Pricing

Market knowledge is something everyone should have, but not everyone can afford due to high management fees and expensive education programs. Nothing worth anything is free but it can and should be affordable.

Simple System

Fancy terms and complex strategies can overwhelm the best of us. All you need is risk control, a simple approach and the discipline to follow rules. We’ve spent decades developing this very system which is both effective and accessible.

Active Support

No-one wants to feel that they are alone in learning, but that is often the case. Education is a journey not an event. Whether desktop, phone or tablet, our virtual community gives you real-time support to our team and fellow students.

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