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Trading Vs Investing

This lesson explains the key differences between Trading and Investing. While intrinsically similar in many ways, each offers a very different approach and methodology when it comes to being put into practice.

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Simple Day Trading Pointers

When you are learning to day trade, it can be daunting to risk your hard-earned money on stocks if you don’t know what to expect. The reality is that it takes education, experience, and practice to get the best trading setups consistently. However, it doesn’t mean that you should be constantly losing money early on […]

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A Beginners Pocketbook to Day Trading Styles

Learning to day trade is a goal of many people looking to achieve financial freedom an additionalsource of income. Often, those unfamiliar with the concept picture a trader with 6 monitors clicking buttons furiously as they buy and sell securities rapidly. While this image does exist in small capacities, the reality is that there are […]

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How to Read a Candlestick Chart for Day Trading

No matter what style of trading you are looking to succeed in, reading a chart is one of the most important base skill sets to have. You are ultimately trying to determine where the price action of a security is going over a certain period of time. Calibrating a chart to be read properly will […]

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Market Brings Profit for Active Traders

The stock market has continued one of the greatest bull runs in its history over recent years, even overcoming a temporary crash in March of 2020. The strength of the market rebound and rise is due to a combination of new money being printed, greater interest and accessibility from casual investors in the stock market, […]

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It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Trade

Did you know the Amsterdam Stock Exchange was the first market to introduce continuous trade beginning in the early 17th century? Since then, most wealthy developed nations have implemented one or more stock exchanges to represent securities that can be traded in one way or another. Today, trading in many different global markets is one […]

Should I Try Day Trading?

Should I Try Day Trading?

Like any other business or occupation, there is a wide range of reasons that people get into day trading. However, given the stress and risk, the goal for most people who try to trade is usually monetary reward and financial freedom. This begs the question – how much do day traders make? The first thing […]

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Day Trading 101: 4 Tips for Beginners

We are in one of the longest and most successful bull market runs in stock market history. As a result, day trading is one of the most popular endeavors for people to try to make some extra income or even develop a career. However, most people fail to realize that trading stocks or any other […]

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Robinhood: The New-Age Day Traders

Daniel X. Bustamante, Co-Founder and Lead Coach I was recently forwarded an article detailing how a school teacher lost 90% of his savings trading on Robinhood. Last year, I had the unfortunate pleasure of reading about a 20-year old that ended his life due to an error on his Robinhood app. It was angering. Yet, […]

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Day Trading Options for Beginners

There are many different asset classes that beginning day traders can become proficient in to maximize their profits. Options trading requires patience, risk tolerance, and an understanding of securities contracts in order to be successful. If you are looking to build an account from a hobby into a serious avenue for income and wealth creation, […]

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