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Trading Vs Investing

This lesson explains the key differences between Trading and Investing. While intrinsically similar in many ways, each offers a very different approach and methodology when it comes to being put into practice.

passive and active investing

Investing Basics: Passive and Active Investing

By Ryan Watkins, Lead Coach Every trader needs to start somewhere, why not start with the basics, that of passive and active investing? Investing has thousands of words, terms, theories, methods, and intense mathematical formulas.  I will spare you the lesson in advanced mathematical investment models and get to the point of what really matters […]

Investing under a Joe Biden presidency

By Sam Evans, Co-Founder & CEO Finally, we have a winner. After a roller-coaster week with the highest electoral turnout since 1968, Joe Biden was finally declared 46th president of the United States of America this weekend. With a big sigh of relief, we can now move on to a new era of leadership and […]

Amateur investors

Common Pitfalls Faced by Amateur Investors

By Sam Evans, Co-Founder & Lead Coach The world has changed in many ways over the last 50 years. Yet, in the world of retail trading and investing it seems like the messages today remain the same. A few weeks ago, in my last article, I discussed the misconceptions that amateur investors (and seasoned investors) […]

Protecting your Retirement Accounts with Options

By Daniel Bustamante, Co-Founder and Lead Coach When investors in both the retail and institutional space look to purchase insurance and protect portfolios they usually turn to the options markets. The reason being is because it can be easy to quantify what needs to be hedged and build a portfolio that could be classified as […]

Understanding Blind Risk

By Daniel Bustamante, Co-Founder and Lead Coach Blind risk is what we do when we do not realize the risk at hand. Sort of like your 401K or retirement accounts. The ones that you hand over, check maybe once a year, and then hope that there’s enough there when you retire. That is a blind risk.  […]

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