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Trading Vs Investing

This lesson explains the key differences between Trading and Investing. While intrinsically similar in many ways, each offers a very different approach and methodology when it comes to being put into practice.

trading and investing education

The Cost Of No Trading And Investing Education

Sam Evans, Co-Founder and CEO Let’s talk about trading and investing education. These days, you can find pretty much anything online. Need instructions on something? Look on YouTube. Want to learn how to trade and invest for yourself? Look online. The internet is filled with people sharing their knowledge on trading for free or at […]

market volatility

Market Volatility: Understanding Risk and Reward

By Sam Evans, Co-Founder & CEO In recent weeks the major stock indices have lacked a clear direction, yet we have definitely seen a major increase in volatility. Looking at Dow Jones industrial average, at the end of January the average daily movement was around 300 points, yet today is almost 450 points. While most […]

trading styles: swing

Finding The Trading Style That Suits You

By Ryan Watkins, Lead Coach There a number of different styles of trading. Every trader needs to find the most effective and most efficient way to trade or invest.  It can make the difference between making it as a trader or not making it as a trader. Some of the best traders have found their […]

trading desk

7 Tips for Setting up the Perfect Trading Desk

Sam Evans, Co-Founder and CEO When it comes to setting up your trading desk, there is no one-size-fits-all. While we emphasize that simplicity is key, it does come down to personal preference. The goal, no matter your preference, is to create an environment that is conducive to implementing your trading and investing strategy effectively.    […]

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