Trading and Investing Orientation

Course Overview

Our Trading and Investing Orientation course is designed to accelerate your understanding of the financial markets and the various asset classes. You’ll learn how to build your business and how to structure your dynamic portfolio.

Wen encourage you to revisit this course throughout your education. You will find that it helps to keep you focused and to fine tune your trading blueprint.

What You Will Learn

Our Trading and Investing Orientation is comprised of six chapters. Here is a list of the chapters and lessons:

Building a Base

  • Trading and Investing like a Business
  • Understanding Price Charts
  • Long, Short and Leveraged

Price Action and Execution

  • The Principles of Price Action and Trends
  • Orders, Risk and Reward
  • The Economic News and Fundamentals that Matter

The Business of Efficiency

  • The Dynamic Portfolio
  • Finding your Style
  • Building a Plan for Success

The Assets Classes Explained

  • Stocks and ETFs for Growth Efficiency
  • Forex for Time for Time Efficiency
  • Futures for Profit Efficiency
  • Options for Capital Efficiency

Strategy and System

  • Strategy Vs System
  • The 6 Step Process
  • Application of Strategy

Bringing It All Together

  • Finding the Right Broker
  • Tradestation Demo for PC
  • Think or Swim Demo for Mac
  • Developing A Solid Mindset

Foundational Abilities

Course Overview

Our FoundationalAbilities Course is where each student begins their journey with us. This comprehensive course forms the bedrock on which your knowledge is built. In the course, we take our students through our 70/30 model approach of trading and investing in the markets. We focus on teaching a repeatable trading and investing process that is borrowed, in part, from Investment Banking and Institutional trading models. Our on-demand video lessons will be available to you throughout your subscription so at anytime you can use them as a resource.

Course Goals:

  • To provide you with a top-down investing and trading approach.
  • Enable you to understand price action trading concepts.
  • Provide you with five actionable trading set-ups that you can begin applying.
  • Show you how to perceive the markets and your portfolio from the perspective of a Portfolio Manager v. being a day-trader.
  • Give you an understanding of trading platforms, order execution as well as brokerage account basics.

Income Abilities

Course Overview

Our Income Abilities course is aimed at people looking to generate extra income through all styles of trading, using the Futures and Forex Markets. We teach you simple strategies and styles that fit your needs, account size, and time-constraints.

Course Goals:

  • Will give you a practical understanding of the Forex and Futures markets and why we use them.
  • Cover how to tailor opportunities for small and large account sizes – no exclusions ($1000 min for FX and $2500 min for Futures.)
  • Show you simple strategies for income trading with proprietary terminology and approaches.
  • Teach you a range of styles for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly income.
  • To keep it simple by focusing on a selection of Forex and Futures products.

Wealth Abilities

Course Overview

Our WealthAbilities course focuses on long-term growth investing. It’s an excellent course to take if you are looking to manage your own longer-term portfolio but don’t wish to day-trade, or for retirement planning and management. There is no day-trading or active management here. The teaching is focused on duration-based ideas within equities and a wide range of ETF’s. We combine the idea of developing a ROR goal that students can use based on their own goals and portfolio then show simple and direct strategies to idea generation through the use of buying shares or simple, yet effective, option strategy. You don’t need to be a Wall Street Warrior here; this is passive growth management that can be done without being tied to daily analysis.

Course Goals:

  • Enable you to develop a plan of ROR in your long-term portfolio.
  • Show you how to generate longer term (9-24 month) trade ideas through stock and options.
  • Demonstrate how those with larger cash portfolios can look for growth trades over a longer period of time.
  • Teach you how to use shares or a combination of shares and option strategies to structure ideas.
  • Equip you with the skills required to find and generate stock ideas through a simple method.

Option Abilities

Course Overview

Learn how to trade and invest options the StockAbility™ way. Options trading and investing are often associated only for those with larger accounts. We teach a repeatable method of trading options geared toward those with smaller accounts in order to generate income. This method is scalable no matter what your account size. You will learn to apply a few simple strategies while learning a risk model that can be tailored to your goals and account size.

Course Goals:

  • Learn how to trade options using defined risk.
  • To teach even those with no experience to in options trading to learn how to trade options.
  • Enable those with smaller ($25,000 or less) account sizes to trade using a specific method.
  • Understand how to adjust a predetermined risk model based on their account.
  • Learn how to place, manage and exit a trade using the StockAbility™ Model.

Fast Futures Options

Course Overview

Futures trading can be a great tool for income. They usually require you to be active and attentive as they move fast and are the definition of day trading. What if there was another way? In Fast Futures Options, we show you how to use options on futures using select futures markets as the tool to do so. This can be great for WTI Crude, for example, to place longer-duration trades without requiring you to be at your desk all day. Plus, you still get the tax advantages of futures with futures options. This is a great tool to have for those who want to access additional markets and spend less time at the screen.

You’ll Learn:

  • The main futures markets we trade and why.
  • When to look at certain trades and why.
  • How the options markets work within the selected markets we will be trading.
  • How you can access these options markets virtually 24/6.

Short Selling Pro

Course Overview

We’re in a market era where many things tend to just go vertical that includes certain stocks and companies that have no business doing so! In Short Selling Pro, we focus on a model called “Fads, Frauds and Failures” – the 3 F’s. We’ll teach you how to spot and identify one of the “3 F’s” so that you can learn to short (or bet against) the idea. However, we do this with a twist. Instead of shorting shares, we show you creative ways to bet against asset prices dropping using certain options techniques. This is a great strategy to learn and take advantage of when you want to bet against asset prices dropping.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to spot the 3 F’s – Fads, Frauds, Failure
  • The anatomy of short-selling and why it can be a great strategy to employ
  • A few distinct options strategies to structure a bet against asset prices
  • How to make trades that can be very short in time with the concept that most stocks take the stairs up, but, the elevator down.

Earnings Options

Course Overview

Company earnings occur four-times a year and usually create large volatility events. These volatility events can allow for some larger, outsized trades, when done correctly. Earnings Options gives you the market edge by teaching you a few simple to apply strategies with options trading for earnings. Yes, this is an aggressive strategy not for the faint of heart and it does require some ability to place trades that have a higher risk. However, they come with a larger reward. If this sounds like a strategy you want to employ with part of your capital then keep reading…cause for some, it will be something you really enjoy.

You’ll Learn:

  • Strategies to take advantage of volatility during earnings season on equities.
  • How to place trades well ahead of earnings before the implied volatility increase.
  • Strategies to trade after a stock reports earnings as a way to capture both upside or downside on trades.
  • How to use larger risk/reward trades for outsized bets.

Swing Trading Sniper

Course Overview

Swing Trading Sniper focuses on a simple, direct, yet effective, swing trading strategy within the options markets. When we say swing trades, we mean anywhere from 5 days to 3 months. Think of this as more set and forget trades v. the hyper-active day trading that some may be used too. Perfect for those that want to be a more hands-off investor… but still manage their own money.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify swing trades with options
  • A simple strategy to swing trade with options
  • How to find a preselected set of stocks
  • Tips on placing set and forget trades

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