Guided Trade Sessions

Giving you the chance to watch our coaches live, or trade along, as they analyze the markets and place trades when the opportunities present themselves.

Live Trading and Analysis

Our Guided Trade Sessions enable you to trade along live with our coaches. For those students who are undertaking one of our programs, it reinforces our curriculum and your learning. The coaches look at the live markets and highlight trading and investing set-ups in real-time. We find this practical application of our curriculum an essential part of the learning process for our students. Through observation and application, our students really start to consolidate all that they’ve learned and have the conviction to put it into practice.

The Guided Trade Sessions are also beneficial to those that are already active in the markets as they give you the ability to watch our coaches as they find set-ups in real-time. The sessions introduce you to new ways of analyzing the markets. You also get access to our Guided Trade Session channel in our Live Coaching Community, as well as so our Water Cooler channel and Student Support

There are eight sessions per week with a session every day at the market open. Each session has a particular focus, such as day trading, swing trading, position trading, or wealth building. This way you can decide which sessions to attend live.

The sessions are recorded and available for you to watch if you can’t make the session live (except for during the free trial period.)

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$199 Per Month With A Two-Week Free Trial

Our Guided Trade Sessions are $199 per month. We do offer a free trial to give you the opportunity to see what the sessions are like.  The trial gives you access to our Tuesday and Wednesday sessions for two weeks. This gives you a rounded taster of the sessions, coaches, and styles. During the free trial, you do not get access to the Live Coaching Community or the recordings.

If you do decide to enroll in one of our programs, you will benefit from a student discount. After you have completed your courses with us, our students can stay enrolled in the GTS for just $99 per month.

Learning To Fish For Yourself

Our Guided Trade Sessions are fast-paced, focusing on fine tuning opportunities using repeated methodologies. Between them, our coaches have over sixty years of experience. Each of our eight sessions has a core focus. Here’s how each week looks.

Monday: 9am to 10.15am – Day Trading

Tuesday: 9am to 10.15am – Day Trading

Tuesday: 3.30pm – 4.45pm – Swing Trading

Wednesday: 9am to 1.15am – Day Trading

Wednesday: 1pm to 2.15pm – Wealth Wednesday

Thursday: 9am to 10.15am – Day Trading

Thursday: 3.30pm – 4.45pm – Swing Trading

Friday: 9am to 10.15am – Day Trading

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