Foundational Abilities

Foundational Abilities

Course Overview

Our FoundationalAbilities Course is where each student begins their journey with us. This comprehensive course forms the bedrock on which your knowledge is built. In the course, we take our students through our 70/30 model approach of trading and investing in the markets. We focus on teaching a repeatable trading and investing process that is borrowed, in part, from Investment Banking and Institutional trading models. For the duration of your program, you can attend the live course and learn through our on-demand video lessons.  Recordings of some of the live courses are also available to further enhance your learning.

Course Goals:

  • To provide you with a top-down investing and trading approach.
  • Enable you to understand price action trading concepts.
  • Provide you with five actionable trading set-ups that you can begin applying.
  • Show you how to perceive the markets and your portfolio from the perspective of a Portfolio Manager v. being a day-trader.
  • Give you an understanding of trading platforms, order execution as well as brokerage account basics.

Content Overview

Program Introduction – Pre class lessons setting up the charts, getting into the coaching rooms and introduction videos on what to expect.

Trading Mindset – Understanding how to look at the markets like a Portfolio Manager would. We discuss good and bad habits as well as how to understand a macro view.

Trading Execution – Now we learn how to execute on the trades using the platforms and entry techniques.

Trading SetUps – We begin discussing 5 standard trading setups with a set of simple to follow rules so you can begin looking for application.

Charting – Back to the charts. We start to break down price patterns and discuss ebbs and flow of how price operates in the markets.

Multiple Time Frames – A key concept many miss. We discuss timeframes and which ones matter more than others in relation to our analysis.

Technical Trading – We set the stage for price action and the 70% technical portion. This is where we get to the charts and break down price.

Fundamental Indicators – We learn how to look at fundamental concepts in the market that can dictate where price may head with correlating assets.

Macro Fundamentals – Learning how to understand the world from a Macro perspective to develop our investment thesis.

Risk Management – Risk management is paramount. We discuss how to construct a portfolio with insights on the how and whys.

Trading Approach – We look at the StockAbility stock list and discuss the ETFS we use in our program.

Index Options Trading – We are going to take a light look at index option trading as a way to teach you to practice what you learned on a few ETF’S

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