Guided Trade Sessions

Our Guided Trade Sessions reinforce our curriculum and your learning. The coaches look at the live markets and highlight trading and investing set-ups in real-time. We find this practical application of our curriculum an essential part of your learning process. Through observation and application, you can really start to consolidate all that you’ve learned and have the conviction to put it into practice.

There are eight sessions per week with a session every day at the market open. Each session has a particular focus, such as day trading, swing trading, position trading, or wealth building. This way you can decide which sessions to attend live.

The sessions are recorded and available for you to watch if you can’t make the session live.

Live Coaching Community

We created the Live Coaching Community to keep you engaged and connected with us and your fellow students. Being part of a community has many benefits. There’s shared learning, keeping each other motivated and inspired, and being able to ask for help when you need it, knowing that someone will respond. We use the tool Slack for our Live Coaching Community. You can download the app onto your smart device or access via your computer keeping you truly connected.

Our Live Coaching Community is comprised of a number of different channels. Depending on what programs you have with us, you may be in some of the channels, or all of them. Each channel has a specific objective.

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