Income Abilities

Course Overview

Our Income Abilities course is aimed at people looking to generate extra income through all styles of trading, using the Futures and Forex Markets. We teach you simple strategies and styles that fit your needs, account size, and time-constraints.

Course Goals:

  • Will give you a practical understanding of the Forex and Futures markets and why we use them.
  • Cover how to tailor opportunities for small and large account sizes – no exclusions ($1000 min for FX and $2500 min for Futures.)
  • Show you simple strategies for income trading with proprietary terminology and approaches.
  • Teach you a range of styles for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly income.
  • To keep it simple by focusing on a selection of Forex and Futures products.

Content Overview

Futures and Forex 101 – What are they how do they work and specifics to know when using them: rollover, selecting right month, margins, cost of carry and charting the Cash Session vs 24 Hour Session and which products we use in our system.

Risk Control and Margins – Further explain the way that reduced and overnight margins work, 3 Strikes risk limits, pitfalls of short-term trading.

The Foundation of a Trade Plan – The 6 Step Plan for any strategy or methodology.

Understanding Value and Price – Concepts of Supply and Demand in terms of Value. Support Zones, Resistance Zones and the Drift Zone. Understanding how to recognize the Transition Zone. How to define them for trading opportunities and Location Analysis.

Location Analysis Explained – Setting the Playing Field and determining Current Market Valuation for directional bias – it’s all about Location!

The True Trend Formula – Learn how to recognise Static and Dynamic Trend. How to understand, define and objectively use Trend in sync with Location Analysis.

4-D Charting – Which charts we use and more importantly why we use them. Understanding which charts to use for various styles of trading. Objective analysis begins with clean charts which allow you to truly study price action.

Triggers, Stops and Targets (TST) – Entering a trade, where and how to place the stop and how to set realistic targets, based on Location and Trend.

Systematic Trade Management – Objective Trade Management without the guesswork. Manage your positions like a machine.

The O.V.E.R.T System – Find, analyze and execute your trade with confidence using the O.V.E.R.T system which is a step by step methodology which anyone can follow and apply. Understand why system will always be more important than strategy.

Using Case Builders – What tools will help the decision making process? How to use Moving Averages, Oscillators, SPP levels (Significant Price Points) and Correlations, to build a stronger case for the trade and confidence in pulling the trigger.

The StockAbility Income Strategies – Globex Trap and Break, The Reversion Fade and Momentum Re-Trend.

Playing The Gaps – Defining “Fade Gaps”, “Propulsion Gaps”, “Support Gaps”, “Resistance Gaps” plus how and when to use them for opportunities and targets.

Scanning for Opportunity – How to use the right tools to objectively find the right opportunities for all styles of income. These include Bollinger Bands, ATR, and Stochastics.

Journaling for Performance – Road-testing your trading for optimal results and finding what works and what doesn’t.

Rock Solid Mindset – The path and exercises to conquer the mental game.

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