Option Ability

Option Abilities

Course Overview

Learn how to trade and invest options the StockAbility™ way. Options trading and investing are often associated only for those with larger accounts. We teach a repeatable method of trading options geared toward those with smaller accounts in order to generate income. This method is scalable no matter what your account size. You will learn to apply a few simple strategies while learning a risk model that can be tailored to your goals and account size.

Course Goals:

  • Learn how to trade options using defined risk.
  • To teach even those with no experience to in options trading to learn how to trade options.
  • Enable those with smaller ($25,000 or less) account sizes to trade using a specific method.
  • Understand how to adjust a predetermined risk model based on their account.
  • Learn how to place, manage and exit a trade using the StockAbility™ Model.

Content Overview

Program Introduction – Pre class lessons setting up the charts, getting into the coaching rooms and introduction videos on what to expect.

Options Mindset – Understanding the mindset we have to use with options and why it matters.

Options 101 – We cover the basics of options to get your footing solid. This is done in a simple and effective manner.

Options 101 Continued – We expand on the basics of options here and go over some more fundamental concepts.

Fundamentals of Options – We cover the fundamental basics of options trading: ATM, ITM, OTM and other items.

Trading Method Overview – We discuss volume, capital and more for the basics of this options trading method.

Pillars of Directional Trader – We get into the core of this method of trading. We discuss the pillars of directional trading and the strategies we use.

Volatility Trading – Long Vol and Short vol. We discuss how to trade volatility in this chapter.

Power Play Trades – One of our strategies we trade. It’s a great setup for those who know.

Expiration Trades – One of the greatest strategies, we think, to run toward options expiration.

Bonus Lessons – We look at bonus lessons with options trading. Great mini lessons to keep the learning going.

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