Wealth Abilities

Course Overview

Our WealthAbilities course focuses on long-term growth investing. It’s an excellent course to take if you are looking to manage your own longer-term portfolio but don’t wish to day-trade, or for retirement planning and management. There is no day-trading or active management here. The teaching is focused on duration-based ideas within equities and a wide range of ETF’s. We combine the idea of developing a ROR goal that students can use based on their own goals and portfolio then show simple and direct strategies to idea generation through the use of buying shares or simple, yet effective, option strategy. You don’t need to be a Wall Street Warrior here; this is passive growth management that can be done without being tied to daily analysis.

Course Goals:

  • Enable you to develop a plan of ROR in your long-term portfolio.
  • Show you how to generate longer term (9-24 month) trade ideas through stock and options.
  • Demonstrate how those with larger cash portfolios can look for growth trades over a longer period of time.
  • Teach you how to use shares or a combination of shares and option strategies to structure ideas.
  • Equip you with the skills required to find and generate stock ideas through a simple method.

Content Overview

Program Introduction – Pre class lessons setting up the charts, getting into the coaching rooms and introduction videos on what to expect.

Foundations of Wealth Management – Understanding what Wealth Management is and how we define what it is we’re doing.

Retirement Calculator – We cover to start using a calculation for retirement or for yearly return goals that are fit to YOUR personal account and goals.

Basics of Capital Markets – We discuss different asset classes that are available, this is more than JUST stocks and we need to understand that to put our money to work.

Portfolio Structure – We discuss how to structure a portfolio so that we get the most bang for our buck while managing risk exposure.

Stock Idea Generation – We discuss a proven way to generate trading ideas of various, well-known companies, through a certain model.

Market Timing – We get into the essentials of this method of trading. We discuss the pillars of market timing.

ETF Selection – Certain ETFs can be powerful. We discuss how to find and screen ETFs for use in the portfolio.

Option Strategy Intro – We cover the basics of options in a manner to prepare you for strategy.

DITM Trades – One of the greatest strategies, we think,to use in place of actual stock purchase.

LEAP Strategy – We look at how we use LEAP options OUR way to put on ideas for longer-term idea generation.

Portfolio Checkup – We discuss how and when to adjust the portfolio. Don’t worry, this is a passive approach.

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