Trading and Investing Orientation

Providing you with a thorough understanding of how you can trade and invest for yourself. This course covers everything from how to get going, to what asset classes to trade to suit your needs, to putting in place an effective strategy.

Accelerate Your Trading and Investing

Our Trading and Investing Orientation course is designed to accelerate your understanding of the financial markets and the various asset classes. You’ll learn how to build your business and how to structure your dynamic portfolio.

We have designed the Trading and Investing Orientation to be an interactive experience. As you work through the chapters, you’ll also work with a member of our team to build your own trading and investing blueprint.

You’ll have access to the course material for one month. This is to encourage you to keep your momentum and keep focused on reaching the end goal of creating your blueprint.

What You Will Learn

Our Trading and Investing Orientation is comprised of six chapters. Here is a list of the chapters and lessons:

Building a Base

  • Trading and Investing like a Business
  • Understanding Price Charts
  • Long, Short and Leveraged

Price Action and Execution

  • The Principles of Price Action and Trends
  • Orders, Risk and Reward
  • The Economic News and Fundamentals that Matter

The Business of Efficiency

  • The Dynamic Portfolio
  • Finding your Style
  • Building a Plan for Success

The Assets Classes Explained

  • Stocks and ETFs for Growth Efficiency
  • Forex for Time for Time Efficiency
  • Futures for Profit Efficiency
  • Options for Capital Efficiency

Strategy and System

  • Strategy Vs System
  • The 6 Step Process
  • Application of Strategy

Bringing It All Together

  • Finding the Right Broker
  • Tradestation Demo for PC
  • Think or Swim Demo for Mac
  • Developing A Solid Mindset
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