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Scholarship Program

At StockAbility™, we strongly believe in giving back. One way we do this is through the StockAbility™ Scholarship Program. Once a quarter we choose an individual to receive our starter program free of charge. Our focus is on giving back to those in financial need, those overcoming adversity, minorities and under-resourced communities, our veterans, and those with disabilities. Through this small act, we hope we can create a ripple effect. Impacting not only the recipient but also the people around them.

Mikayla Riddick

Mikayla was chosen as the first recipient for the StockAbility™ Scholarship Program for a number of reasons but her tenacity to succeed was one of them. She is an inspirational young woman who has strived hard to achieve. This year she graduated from Temple University as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army. She has big dreams and we are thrilled to be able to play a role in her journey.

“As a fresh, young graduate of college, I am looking to get ahead on my finances so that I can become financially literate and one day, experience financial freedom. I want to seize advantage from this downturn in our economy due to the pandemic. I want to learn how to trade so that I can supplement my income, I want help managing my TSP so that I am well set up for early retirement, but above all, I want to manage multiple income streams so that my only job becomes managing them.”

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